Hhogdev.SitecorePackageDeployer – stop auto update package installation on webapp/server restarts


As a part of Octopus deployment process, we are installing update package to deploy newly created /changed sitecore items on upper environments. These packages are installed using HedgehogDevelopment.TDS.SitecorePackageDeployer.Azure nuget package.

Just before this step, there are two steps: one of the step is to upload the update packages at App_Data/Pacakges folder and after then a step which restarts the CM server.


Issue: As soon as CM gets restarts, it started installing the packages which are there under App_Data/Packages folder. and also, the other step will also start the package installation and at the end that steps fail.


Debugging Root Cause & Solution:

    • We have explored the TDS Sitecore Package Deployer nuget package and found one configuration file: App_Config\Include\Hhogdev.SitecorePackageDeployer.config
    • In this file, we have checked the agent Tasks.InstallPackage and found its Interval is set to 00:00:00
       <agent type="Hhogdev.SitecorePackageDeployer.Tasks.InstallPackage, Hhogdev.SitecorePackageDeployer" method="Run" interval="00:00:00"/>
  • Everything seems good with this file but still packages gets installed on the restart of the webapp which we need to stop.
  • Then we found a comment above this agent.
    <!-- Agent to install update packages -->
    <!-- Comment this out if using the OnDemand url to install a package -->
    <agent type="Hhogdev.SitecorePackageDeployer.Tasks.InstallPackage, Hhogdev.SitecorePackageDeployer" method="Run" interval="00:00:00"/>
  • We then comment out this agent.
  • But still, the packages installation gets started on restart. so the issue was still there.
  • Then, we came across the processor of initialize pipeline mentioned in the same configuration.
            &lt;!-- Processor to execute post steps--&gt;
            &lt;processor type="Hhogdev.SitecorePackageDeployer.Pipelines.Initialize.RunPostInstallSteps, Hhogdev.SitecorePackageDeployer"/&gt;

    We commented out this processor as well.

    And then tried to do a deployment, this time, the package didn’t installed after Webapp restarts. And it gets installed only when – when actual installation steps started in the deployment process.


Other information:
Sitecore version: 9.1 update-1
Hhogdev Sitecore Package Deployer Version:


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