Things to consider while integrating Sitecore and Salesforce

This year at SUGCON India, me and my colleague Varun Shringarpure presented a session on how to connect Sitecore with Salesforce using Sitecore-Salesforce Connector.

sitecore connect

Here are some points which you need to consider before working/finalizing the integration:

Available Connectors:

  • You need to understand that Salesforce is not one system. It has four parts:
    • Sales Cloud
    • Marketing Cloud
    • Service Cloud
    • Community Cloud

First find out which system you are connecting Sitecore to? There are only two connectors are available from Sitecore:

  1. for Sales-cloud : Sitecore Connect for Salesforce CRM
  2. for Marketing-cloud : Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As of now, no connector is available for Service and Community Cloud from Sitecore. We will here more on Service and Community Cloud in future from Sitecore.

Well, Sitecore Connector is not only connector available in market. Many third party connectors available in Market. FuseIT is one of them. During Sugcon India 2019, I got a chance to talk with Mr. Duane Franklet – Director of Operations at FuseIT and we have discussed various functionality FuseIT connector offers. It is very user-friendly tool available in the market.

The main advantage of using Sitecore Connector is Support, Strong road map and Strong partnership ahead.



  • Sitecore Salesforce Connector needs a separate license from Sitecore. If you need more details, you need to talk with your Sitecore representative.
  • Also, the other available Connectors in the Market Place are not free.
  • So before recommending any of the connector or trying to plan for it, you should consider licensing.


  • Different versions of Sitecore Salesforce Connector are available to support the respective sitecore instance. But to use latest features, it is recommended that you use latest Sitecore version and its compatible latest connector version.

Pre requisites:

  • You need to read all the pre-requisites instruction available installation guide of the Salesforce connector carefully. If you miss any of those, it will cause issue for sure.


  • In terms of sitecore, xConnect platform is the area where customization is mostly possible using custom facets. Custom facet might contain additional attributes which one can customize.
  • In terms of salesforce, you can easily create some custom fields.
  • You need to take care of the mappings b/w sitecore and salesforce and make sure to define unique identifier between these two systems for example sitecore id.


That’s it. Best of luck for Integration.

Happy Coding 🙂

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